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πŸš€ citizen to citizen cash transfers (beta)

Thousands of poor and vulnerable have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive. Rocket relief is a beta for the transaction platform for direct peer to peer cash transfers to help those in need to power through these difficult times. Your money goes directly to the beneficiary so they can us pay for rations, medicines and shelter. You can check out the beta here.

πŸ“ž HELPLINE using cloud telephony

Thousands of poor and vulnerable have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive. We provided some idea support and trouble shooting to Libtech,Β Stranded Workers Action Network (Swan) to help them move their operations to exotel so their volunteers can securely and immediately connect with migrant labourers from anywhere and provide support to themΒ . They are doing some awesome work and You can read more about themΒ here.

🚨 Crisis Mapping

Non profits are getting thousands of calls for help everyday. We are working with Jan Sahas to help them collect, map and respond using Ushahidi crowdmapping platform for their internal workflow management.

β˜• FORUM for tech support

  • Who is it for? For Nonprofits, changemakers, technology geeks who are passionate about using technology for social good.
  • What can they find here? Discussions, support and troubleshooting on technology challenges faced by nonprofits in their work
  • Why should they come here? To share problems, to help others who have faced similar problems, share knowledge

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πŸ’° Website & Donation page for iswar sankalpa


Simplest need but difficult for non profits to set up. We helped Inswar Sankalpa in Kolkata that works to ensure dignity and holistic well being of persons with psychosocial disabilities. Website here

πŸ“™ tech4good stack

A collection of free, discounted tools and ideas for you to use technology effortlessly and confidently. Browse through our collection here

🌱 lifeSustained Store

We are helping lifeSustained with building their online store & community. lifeSustained project is about connecting the producer and consumer directly. Currently they are focusing on Homemade Handmade (artisan direct), Work with well-being (self & community impact), Recreation at work (care & connect - artisan community). We are using Woocommerce, Razorpay, AWS, Cloudflare to build it for them.